February 5, 2010

Tickets On Sale

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (saturday feb 6) at 12:30 PM.
People's Coop Books on the Drive and Our Community Bikes on the drive.

If you can't get one we still need volunteers.


crystal said...

I sent an e mail... to offer mine as well as my boyfriend's services as a volunteer... no one got back to me so i am buying a ticket... let me know if you still need help...


romham a. bear said...

it'd be really great if organizers of the peoples prom would post the accessibility information for the hall here and on the facebook group and anywhere else the event is being advertised. Thanks.

romham a. bear said...

ok, so a quick phone call to the hall: No, the space is not wheelchair accessible, unless all the rest of the gimps want to meet me in the basement for sandwich making, because the kitchen is the only part that is.
Can you please post the information on here, the blog, and wherever else youre advertising the event? Thanks.