March 29, 2009

2009 TRUST FUND - please apply

:::::::::: The People's Trust Fund ::::::::::

For the last nine years, the People’s Prom, held on Valentine’s Day, has
been a night of fun and community celebration, a chance to enjoy a DIY
Prom. Most importantly, the People’s Prom is a fundraiser for
counter-hegemonic political action and creative resistance.

Trust Fund Objective: The People’s Trust Fund is open to all
community-based groups and organizations engaged in counter-hegemonic
political action and creative resistance. The Trust Funds offers funding
to projects that are unable to obtain mainstream sources of funding.

Each year the Trust Fund is used to support projects with a particular
focus. This year we are inviting proposals for projects that engage in
resistance to the 2010 Winter Olympics. We recognize the 2010 Games are
not about the celebration of human spirit and amateur athletic excellence,
but they are a direct an attack on our community and benefit only the
corporate elite.

Who can apply? The People’s Trust Fund aims to support grassroots
initiatives that focus on
a) direct action
b) counter-hegemonic community building and education
c) creative resistance

The Trust Fund is available to groups or organizations throughout British

How is the funding Allocated? Individual project grants will range from
$200-$1500 depending on the scale of the project. All Trust Fund money
must be used within 6 months of receiving it, otherwise the cheque will be

The Trust Fund cannot go towards: Overhead: staff costs, rent, utility bills.

*check our for a list of previously funded projects *

How to Apply: Provide a detail application including the following information:
  • Title of Initiative.
  • Project Summary.
  • Amount requested from the People’s Trust Fund.
  • Project Budget (please attach a detailed budget, if you need help email us).
  • Have you previously received funding from the Trust Fund? Please indicate what activity it funded.
  • Where else have you gone for funding?
  • How long has your group/organization been active?
  • Have you worked on any other projects? If so, what were they?
  • Contact Information.
  • To whom should the cheque be made out and where should it be sent?
  • Additional information.
How will applicants be evaluated? The People’s Trust Fund is overseen by
the Prom Committee. Trust Funds are limited and shared between multiple
community-based projects. The Prom Committee looks at the following
  • How would this initiative benefit the community?
  • Does it demonstrate creativity or uniqueness in the outcome?
  • How complete is the plan for delivering the activity?
  • Will this initiative have trouble getting funding from other sources?
Deadline: March 30 2009. Must be received by 9pm.

Questions and applications can be directed to:
Please indicate Trust Fund in subject line. Or mail to PO Box 88455 418
Main St. Vancouver BC V6A 4A6

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