January 29, 2009

People’s Prom 2009!!!!

--tickets on sale February 1, 2009—

Time to dust off those bow ties, call the babysitter and get ready for the
9th annual People’s Prom happening Saturday February 14th.

Witness the crowning of the King & Queen, compete in the dance contests,
find a new hook up playing Spin the Bottle & much much more. This year’s
melody makers include: Thomas Cunningham IV, DJ Spok & others.

Don’t just come to the People’s Prom – be a part of the Peoples Prom.
Click on me to volunteer!

The details:
Saturday February 14th
8pm – 1am
154 E 10th Ave*

Tickets - in advance at the People’s Coop Book Store 1391 Commercial Drive
& Our Community Bikes 3282 Main St.
Ticket available at the door but they go fast!

* Space is accessible.
Childcare fund available, send email with childcare in subject.

All money raised goes toward grassroots, direct action and creative
resistance groups engaged in the resistance to the 2010 Olympics.


One year Countdown to the 2010 Circus. Check www.ruckusradar.org for
calendar of events


astro_grrl said...


Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

for sure??

Jason said...

The music was terrible that night.

First DJ was too busy with her singing career / bodybuilding show to notice everyone was waiting for her to get off stage. 2nd fellow was so proud of his oldies collection to notice everyone had fallen asleep.

The other fellow played a few decent songs but nowhere near enough to make up for the nonsense.

People WERE trying to dance to your songs because they really wanted to dance! Pay attention.