January 28, 2008

Hey there fabulous people!

As you may have heard People's Prom Tickets are sold out at stores but do not be disheartened as you can still get a ticket for the prom even if you can't get a date.

People's Prom
Thursday Feb. 14th 2008
Grandview Legion (2055 Commie Drive)
Vancouver BC - Coast Salish Territory
8pm - 1am SHARP

The Attourney
DJ Ruggedly Handsome
DJ Thomas Cunningham IV
Bring Your Own Cabaret
and a special performance by The Pissed Off Wild
Hosted by the hilarious duo: Your Little Pony & HalfBreed

Tickets at the Door:
We are selling 150 tickets at the door ($10) to the first 150 people who show up dressed in prom gear and ready to get down and party like its 1987. This means you should show up dressed for the prom and ready to buy your ticket and head inside. One person = one ticket. We'll be accepting cash at the door ($10) but not sob stories about how your friend is too busy "at work" (read: pre-drinking at home) and really needs you to get her a ticket.

Tickets will be on sale when the Prom doors open 8pm - sharp.

Awesome Volunteers:
The Prom is a good time for sure but it also a radical fundraiser. This means that every year this totally amazing party happens because we have the help of some of the best volunteers that east van has ever seen. You should be one of them.

We ask that volunteers give us 1.5 hours of their time during the party and in exchange they get into the Prom for free with a guaranteed ticket, are objects of our undying love AND get too feel great about making one of the best parties around keep going.

If you don't want to feel like volunteering during the party we also have a few spots for folks who'd be willing to help set-up. We asking for about 4 hours of work from these folks. But these great souls don't have any obligations that night except to their valentine(s). Awesome!

We also ask that ALL volunteers attend a short (30 mins. or so) orientation on Feb 13th at 6:30PM at the Grandview Legion 2055 Commercial Drive. We'll hook you up with the people you'll be volunteering with and explaining how the night works. If you can't make it, let us know when you email us about volunteering.

To see how to apply check out our volunteers page.

As always the People's Prom is going to rule and you will want to be there. Don't miss it.
See you Prom Stars - we love yah!

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