January 21, 2007


Don’t just come to The People’s Prom – be a part of The People’s Prom.

We need people to volunteer in the following areas:


Set up: Creating the mood is the best part. Come help us decorate.

Chaperones: Keep the peace, secure the vibe, make sure couples aren't dancing too close.

Spin The Bottle: A giant spin the bottle wheel, with you as cupid!

Mystery Activity: You won't know what hit yah but you'll like it!

Clean up: Help us get our damage deposit back.

Your night will not be entirely taken up with prom responsibilities. You can volunteer for as long you like, but we’d like you to commit for a minimum of 60 mins on the night itself. There’ll be plenty of time for drinking and smooching after.
As a volunteer, you will get in free, revolutionize Valentine’s Day, have the satisfaction of being a part of something wonderful, and get laid for sure.
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