January 27, 2007

[update] SOLD OUT!!!

WOW! I think we broke a record this year, the Prom sold out in one day! So rawkstars, you can still volunteer at this point, but otherwise, you're outta luck.

Tickets for the 7th Annual People's Prom will hit stores this weekend, from Friday Jan 26th onwards.

You can get them at:
[SOLD OUT] Our Community Bikes - 3283 Main Street
[SOLD OUT] Spartacus Books - 319 W Hastings
[SOLD OUT] People's Coop Bookstore - 1391 Commercial Drive

Be forewarned, they sold out way fast last year. This year there'll be NO tickets at the door. Once the tickets sell out, they're all gone.

You could also volunteer, read on for details.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Our Community Bikes is sold out as of today! There's got to be more tickets somewhere... right???